Wenn der Krieg ausbricht, dann muß der Frieden wohl ein Gefängnis gewesen sein.
Berthold Brecht


Pushkins World Site Update History

13.09.1999 Redesign
22.09.1999 "Mr. Amarocs World" now ready to use
18.03.2000 Redesign
Access counter added
"Denglish" article added to Library
19.03.2000 Picture Gallery enhanced
Video Gallery enhanced
Sound & Music Gallery added
Funstuff enhanced
Applications section added
Screensaver section added
Links updated
01.04.2000 File reorganisation
This weeks favourites
Picture Gallery enhanced
Video Gallery enhanced
Library enhanced
01.05.2000 Library enhanced
Applications enhanced
Guestbook  added
23.05.2000 Gallery enhanced
10.06.2000 Main controls changed
Internet information service added
26.08.2000 Library enhanced
   Pille in die Katze added
24.11.2000 Library enhanced 
   Gibt es für Frauen einen Ersatz? added
   The Evolution of a Programmer added
PWSS enhanced
    Usefull Information added
Favourites updated  
Internet information service updated
Diary added
02.12.2000 Library enhanced 
   Notice of Revocation of Independence added
Gallery enhanced
   Ich will nach Rossau... added
22.12.2000 Library enhanced 
   IAQ for C added
Diary changed
10.03.2001 Library enhanced 
   Männerwitze added
Diary changed
31.08.2001 Library enhanced 
   Bill Gates and GM added
   Be glib... added
   Jokes added
Diary changed a lot of times:-)
09.09.2001 Library enhanced/changed
   Aphorismen changed
20.09.2001 Video Gallery enhanced
   Fish... added
24.09.2001 Sound Gallery enhanced
   Achmed: "Macht bssss: Ganze Strasse dunkel..." added
27.09.2001 Library enhanced/changed
   Ode an die 80er added
28.09.2001 Video Gallery enhanced
Dicht . added
   Prepare for soccer added
13.10.2001 Library enhanced/changed
   Job application added
   Jokes (Engl.) changed
   Top Twenty Ways to Tell Someone Their Fly Is Unzipped... added
PWSS enhanced
    Usefull Information (Engl.) added
13.11.2001 Library enhanced/changed
   Jokes (Engl.) changed
16.11.2001 Entire site update (internal reorganization)
Library enhanced/changed
   Cat Resolutions added
Video Gallery enhanced
Alien Song added
Attitude added
Bears added
Cat attack added
Jump up added
Tease and Suffer added
Guestbook changed
Gallery enhanced
19.11.2001 Library enhanced/changed
Software engineer glossary of product terminology,,,
21.11.2001 Internal reorganization
Gallery enhanced
Favourites updated  
27.11.2001 Gallery enhanced
Library enhanced/changed
Diary of an AOL user added
   What you never hear... added
   Cyber Sex (adults only) added
   Quotations added
   Quantas added
   Dear God... added
   Having Fun at the Funeral added
   Having fun in the bathroom added
07.12.2001 Gallery enhanced
Library enhanced/changed
Dr. Laura added
   Rednecks added
20.01.2002 Library enhanced/changed
Eine Frage der Kaelte added
   Holliday party invitation added
13.02.2002 Links updated (regarding DB 24, thx to SevenTwentyfour)
Gallery enhanced
Library enhanced/changed
   Jokes (English) updated
   Quotations updated
14.02.2002 Counterstatements added
20.03.2002 Library enhanced/changed
   Sven beim TUV added
   Disorder in Court added
   Reasons, why English is so hard to learn added
   Bullshit Bingo added
   Not a morning person added
   Business Talk added
   Jokes (English) updated
   American Geography added
Links updated
18.05.2002 Gallery enhanced
26.06.2002 Library enhanced/changed
   Macht Fussball bloed? enhanced (added comments of soccer worldcup 2002)
   Insults added
   Argentina vs. England added
   Soccer Plans added
   20 $ added
   Warum ich ueberlastet bin... added
   Excerpt from a pet's diary added
Sven beim TUEV added
American Geography added
Business Talk added
Not a morning person added
Bullshit Bingo added
Why English is so hard to learn added
In Court added
27.07.2002 Library enhanced/changed
   Richige Weicheier, Richtige Maenner, Richtige Frauen, Richtige Tiere... added
27.10.2002 Library enhanced/changed
   Witze updated
   Pill to the cat added
   Familiar looking link:-) added
   Australian Open (pps) added
   Rednecks (pps) added
Gallery enhanced
   Matrix Screensaver added
14.02.2003 Library enhanced/changed
   Silly Laws added
Diary changed
07.06.2003 Library enhanced/changed
   Pickup Lines added
Gallery enhanced
   Lingua: The meaning of the word "fuck" added
22.06.2003 Softlib enhanced
   PwIconizer v1.0 added
03.07.2003 Gallery enhanced
Library enhanced/changed
   Chemie Klausur added
10.08.2003 Gallery enhanced
17.05.2004 Gallery enhanced
   Biker added
Diary changed