Man kann nicht immer auf den Gipfeln gehn',
auch in den Tälern gibt es Wege.
Jean Paul Sartre



Where do you want to SURF today?
Our ministry of foreign affairs (in co-operation with the PWSS) offers several links to other "worlds" on the web.  

Web-Web sites
Software and Programming
Video & Graphics

Web-Web sites...

HTML-Dateien Ein HTML-Tutorial und Referenz von Stefan Münz, insbesondere für Einsteiger ins WWW empfehlenswert, alles wissenswerte über HTML und die Erstellung von eigenen Web-Pages. (Mit einem großen Lob und vielen Dank an Meister Münz!)  
Auch für HTML-Profis ist die HTML-Sammlung als Online-Referenz empfehlenswert.
It's time to Java Latest information about Java and get "equipment" to build Java applications.

crypto news If you need help or up-to-date information try the newsgroup "sci.crpyt".
allowed Some Countries have their own laws for cryptographic systems. Here you can see the latest information about the crypto-situation in different countries.
survey Here is some further information on cryptography on the web.
SSL Information about the SSL project.
Some "literature"...

Hitchhiker This is one, we cannot comment.

Seeburger This is the company you should have a look at.

Halflife de THE German Halflife server.
Halflife zone Another Halflife game/info server.
Starcraft The official Starcraft info/game server.
Web fincance...

Financial management Try this, if you need any information about "cybermoney" or if you need financial links on the web.
Online banking Online-Banking mit der Bank 24. (Achtung: Dies ist die Hauptseite für registrierte Bank 24-Kunden, die "normalen" Webseiten der Bank 24 findet man unter www.deutsche-bank-24.de.)
Software and Programming...

Windows 95 A very good software/shareware archive. All offers are described very well.
Winfiles A software archive.
MFC Codeguru Probably the best Microsoft Foundation Classes help-site. Try it if you have a problem with MFC.
Shareware.com A very good shareware machine. Very useful shareware search function with links all over the world.

Bubba's List O' Babes A very useful and nearly complete link list to all kind of personalized picture archives.
WebRing Girls A nice and fast X picture server (playmate quality)..
Garbage Dump Free pictures (X).
Tommys Bookmarks A erotic picture link server.
Bornis.com A erotic picture link server.

Kleines Arschloch Also ich weiß nicht, komisch oder nicht?!
How to knot a tie I cannot remember how-to. Therefore I have this link to get explanation how to do.
SMS Send SMS messages (for free).
The Darwin Awards This is one of the most famous sites on the web.
Video and Graphics...

Video Funny video clips library. (Formerly www.videoclips.freeserve.co.uk)
TV-Total Bolle & Gino Another (free) video clip site.
TV-Total 1 Another (free) video clip site.

Intro Pushkins World Intro page
Pushkins World Mainpage The main page.
Pushkins World Secret Service Some well known secrets.
Library The library section.
Gallery The Gallery.
Funstuff ...
Software The Software Service
Virgues World A sub-world on this planet, actually now on another planet.
MrAmarocs World A sub-world on this planet, actually now on another planet.
Internet by call A few (German) internet call-by-call phone numbers, expenses and login values.
History This site change history. (update protocol)
Diary The Diary of a German who went to America - Diary of a cultural collision.