"Sometimes", the white rabbit says, "i can imagine the humans could talk like we do.".
Lewis Carroll

Pushkins World Funstuff

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DSA (German only)
Pushkins World Software Service (not funny but useful)



This application has ONE common feature: they are useless but funny.
Buttons Choose this, if you like to see "some" dialog boxes on your screen. 152 KB
Cat A little cat following the cursor. 15 KB
Cursor Some cursors (NT/95/98). 5 KB
Exchange dialog "The" exchange dialog. 26 KB
Felix My favorite. A cat named Felix which "owns" your screen. 214 KB
Gun Choose this to be prepared if you get angry. 33 KB
Mice Mice can be angry! 206 KB
Penis Nur für Herren! (D.h. eigentlich fuer Kerle.) 170 KB
Piegates No comment. 146 KB
Sapfile One of my favourites. (All open windows begin to wraggle until you close Sapfile.) 4 KB
Scampoo Sheep running around. (Made in Taiwan.) 117 KB
TV Total: F-keys Die TV-Total F-Tasten Belegung. 117 KB
Screen Toggle Switches the complete screen to its opposite 2 KB

 If you have similar "applications", please send them to me!