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WARNING: This page contains of several adult contents and is may not feasible to be viewed/listen by kids or people who think they were born due to immaculate conception completely dressed up.

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Life is a bitch...
A guy on the beach looking around and making "a perfect match"... MPEG

1.193 KB

A lady and a parachute... MPEG 1.205 KB
A sheep missing the gate... Quicktime 674 KB
Horsekick... (still my favorite) MPEG 801  KB
Gym 2 MPEG

642 KB

Gym 1 MPEG

537 KB

To drive a car can be dangerous... MPEG 662 KB
Chimpanzee (one of the most popular clips on the web) MPEG

372 KB

Don't play games with electricity... MPEG

663 KB

Prepare for soccer...   MPEG

4.058 KB

The Cat, The Jump...  (for the record: cats are NOT stupid, well at least not all the time...) MPEG

817 KB

Attack... (you see: cats are not stupid)   AVI

689 KB

Attitude (be small, smart and brave)   MPEG

932 KB

Frighten a bigger cat not always pays out   MPEG

1.730 KB

Support is hell...   MPEG

1.168 KB

Nice colleagues...   MPEG

344 KB

TV Total: Der Affenbiss MPEG

1399 KB

TV Total: Dalailama MPEG

472 KB

TV Total: Ficken MPEG

111 KB

TV Total: Ochsenpimmel MPEG

87 KB


To "play" chess... GIF 68 KB
Alien song (at last I found it)   MPEG

3.127 KB

Biker _newAni.gif (26624 Byte) MPEG

4.433 KB


Why to avoid to get married... MPEG 1.587 KB
Fish... MPEG

1.831 KB


1.423 KB


Screensaver Gallery

Bluescreen (win32)  ZIP 32 KB
Matrix (win32, the original, NOT recommended, see below)  ZIP 1693 KB
Matrix (win32, best screensaver ever) ZIP 32 KB


  Sound & Music Gallery

TV Total: Schwul 1 MP3 62 KB
TV Total: Schwul 2 MP3 82 KB
TV Total: Schwul 3 MP3 94 KB
Die Dinos: Bin aber nackig Wave 65 KB
Die Dinos: Ist die Luft verpestet... Wave 51 KB
Die Dinos: Nein Wave 13 KB
Die Dinos: Wir brauchen einen neuen Timmi Wave 65 KB
Die Dinos: Nochmal Wave 72 KB
Die Dinos: Papa... Wave 117 KB
Die Dinos: Hat mich voll  umgehauen...  Wave 33 KB
Die Dinos: Wie gehts, wie gehts... Wave 70 KB
Ich will nach Rossau... Wave 304 KB
Achmed: "Macht bssss: Ganze Strasse dunkel..." mp3 1.105 KB
Startrek: You will be assimilated Wave 46 KB
Startrek: I am Lucutus of Borg Wave 43 KB
Startrek: Resistance is futile Wave 45 KB
Startrek: Visual contact with the Borg... Wave 69 KB
Startrek: We... are Borg Wave 36 KB
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Astalavista Wave 35 KB
Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll be back Wave 12 KB
Animals: Angry cat 1 Wave 28 KB
Animals: Angry cat 2 Wave 19 KB
Animals: Lynx Wave 15 KB
Lingua: The meaning of the word "fuck" _newAni.gif (26624 Byte) Wave 1614 KB