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Please note: all software on this page is freeware, there is no restriction (for non-commercial use) for the versions listed on this page. For commercial use please contact the author.
I will be pleased if you send me bug reports or feature requests/suggestions but - I got only a small amount of spare time...





Name: PWDoc
Size: 94 KB
System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98 
Type: HTML documentation automation
Version: 1.4.2
Copyright: (c) 1996-1998, Christopher Frank
Description: Generate a HTML documentation system out of inline source code documentation..
Outlook: - JavaDoc tags support
- Source (version) save


Name: PWThumb
Size: 63 KB
System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98
Type: Picture-catalog, HTML-creator
Version: 1.3.0
Copyright: (c) 1996-2000, Christopher Frank
Description: Did you ever had the problem of many graphic resources and a various range of picture-catalog-tools which creates thumbnails of this picture to give you an overview? 
Thumb is not like them. Thumb searches a directory tree (could be a drive) for known picture formats (gif, jpg, png, bmp, etc.) and creates a HTML-page-system which give you an overview WITHOUT creating new pictures (thumbnails). Every directory with pictures gets an HTML-File which shows all pictures in that directory. All generated html files are collected into a basic (sorted) index and embedded in an HTML frame. If you copy or create new files into your directories you only have to run thumb again, he overwrites all created HTML-files with new links.
Recommendation: You can call the application with parameter (name of directory), place a link to PWThumb in your SendTo folder to easily access the html generation.
Outlook: - Automated Explorer integration


Name: PWNum
File: 63 KB
System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98
Type: File rename.
Version: 1.0.0
Copyright: (c) 1996-2000, Christopher Frank
Description: Rename all files in a directory (or directory tree).
PWNum is able to "count" all found files (0000.gif, 0001, gif, etc.) or rename files according to directory of files. Special feature of PwNum: You can add the name of the directory (or anything else) to every numeration (myDir000.jpg, myDir001.jpg, etc.).
If you have "personal"-pictures folders (Miller,Steve; Cullin,Dianna; Lewis,Carl), WinNum can automatically set all picture names in the directory to "SteveMiller000.jpg, SteveMiller001.jpg; CarlLewis000.jpg; etc). 
Outlook:: - Automated Explorer integration


Name: PWFormXML
File: 63 KB
System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98
Type: XML formatting and split.
Version: 1.0.0
Copyright: (c) 2001, Christopher Frank
Description: Read XML file and format it by inserting CRLF and indentation or remove CRLF and indentation. Split XML files which contains of repeated root tags (which causes IE to report invalid XML syntax and are not process able of most XML parsers).


Name: PWIconizer
File: 20 KB
System: Windows NT (requires psapi.dll), Windows XP
Type: Icon management
Version: 1.0.0 (alpha)
Copyright: (c) 2003, Christopher Frank
Description: Can put application windows to task-bar try icon area when window is minimized and allows to activate windows from there