-- PUSHKINS WORLD -- Frightend take a frightends hand.
W. Shakespeare


Welcome to Pushkins World

Now you reached it.

This is Pushkins World.
Here you're welcome, no matter what language, color or opinion. (Except the "ones" who never welcome others with different language, color or opinion.)

There are some rules in this world:

  1. Never contradict a cat.
  2. If a cat is wrong, look rule 1.
  3. No asylum for dogs. (Except dogs who are accepted by the cats.)
  4. Free mice for everybody!

Here is free land, be what you are, do what you do, sing if you can sing (if you CAN) and always remember: all the world need is freedom, peace and tolerance (pathetic but true)

Have a look at Pushkins World first (not elected) president: Pushkin I and his bodyguard Cashou.


Pushkins World Health Service

The Pushkins World Health Service (PWHS) examined in some studies, the importance of relaxation. In the this "web-age", it is extremely hard to grant you this necessary health provision.

As you surly know, the web is crazy, fantastic, totally hysteric, explosive, exhausting and more (which i can't enumerate here). It IS the high-speed-full-information-and-entertainment-world. But sometimes it is necessary to slow down and relax.
But how? But where?
There are so much information. Funny, necessary, unnecessary, interesting, expensive, inexpensive, useful and useless, amazing...
Stop it!
What you need, i mean, what you really need, is a

web pause!

I think you feel better now. (If not, pause again!)

Useless information

If you ever need senseless information try the Pushkins World Secret Service (PWSS). The PWSS (well known as "the service") examines the world for information which can support the non-existing government of Pushkins World.
As you may know, the web is well known for senseless (and stupid) information sites, this is one of them, get ready for totally useless information: (This information is published with agreement of PWSS.)

Jack the Ripper was a lefthander. 
More than 90 % of Norwegians live less than 10 Miles to the sea. 
Aristoteles had the opinion, the intelligence of human beings lives in heart, not in brain. 
Tel Aviv means "spring hill". 
The shortest village- and city names in the world are: "A" (Norway), "O" (Japan) and "Y" (France). 
There are just a few information about St. Patrick, national hero of Ireland, proved. Except: He was NOT an Irish man. 
The result of last census in Pushkins World: 2 Cats and one not 100% identified life form. 

If you want more, try PWSS information service (German and English).