We are made out of such stuff as dreams are, and our little life is rounded by a dream.
W. Shakespeare

Mr. President (Sir)

PUSHKIN, the one and only
Name:  Pushkin 
Title: Emperor of Pushkins World, Master of two
Age:  Born Mai 1993. 
Weight:  Something about 9 kg (without clothes). 
Height:  Little bit shorter than a tiger. 
Characteristics:  - opens refrigerator-doors  
- dies of starvation since birth date
Hobby:  - to sleep and eat  
- to eat and sleep  
- do everything he is not allowed to do


PUSHKIN, the one and only
Name: Cashou
Title: The "shadow"
Age: Born October 1996.
Weight: 3 kg
Height: Small enough to get unseen through every problem.
Characteristics: - unknown, nobody has seen here until now
Hobby: - to be "never seen"


The Folk (pleps)

PUSHKIN, the one and only
Name: Folk
Title: - (to insignificant to have a title)
Age: Founded Feb. 1970.
Weight: 1*78kg
Height: Normally 1.80 (10 inches in presence of the president)
Characteristics: - tolerated
Hobby: (is not allowed to have one)