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Star Trek - The Next Orgasm


-- Chapter 1: Wesley's Problem

Deanna's comm badge beeped. "Troi here ..."
"Counselor, will you report to my ready room, please?" The captain spoke in his rich accent.
"Right away, Captain."

She rushed out of her room and headed for the ready room. She passed an anxious looking Wesley on the way. She was assaulted with waves of emotion. Fear, anger, sexual desire, confusion. Ah, normal human teenager, she thought. She hit the chime on the door.

"Come..." called the captain.
"Captain Picard, you wished to see me?"
"Ah, yes, Deanna, It seems that our Mr. Crusher has a small problem that I thought you might be able to help him with."
"Well, I saw him on my way here, and he seemed ... well ... preoccupied."
"Yes, an incident has taken place that may blotch his StarFleet record, and I want to try to head this one off before it makes it in his permanent record. " He paused. "You see, Wesley was just caught doing something rather unusual ..." He stammered again. "What I mean to say is ... He was found in the holodeck with his penis inside the control panel. He apparently ejactulated all over the controls which short-circuited them causing Geordi to come running and catch him."
"Oh, dear. How embarrassing. And, naturally, Geordi told the entire crew ..." Deanna was shocked.
"He didn't have to. Mr. La Forge told Will, and HE told the entire crew. Ego thing, you know ..."
She nodded her head with agreement. "Yes, when Will first fucked me, he told my entire village about it. It was entirely embarrassing."
"Well, now you can see how this can be a problem." He paused again.
"What we need is someone with passion and caring to teach Mr. Crusher to effectively handle his sexual frustrations without resorting to perverted acts such as today's. I'm afraid that if it happens again, I will be forced to log it in his permanent record which as you know would not be good for him at the Academy."
Deanna grimaced. "oh, yes, he would be in serious jeopardy. The entire senior class would use him for their own perverted sexual desires and the instructors would do nothing."
"Exactly. I remember a cadet who was caught fucking his own mother. The senior cadets tied him up one night and took turns fucking him up the ass."
Deanna smiled. "Well, did you enjoy it?"
The captain smiled fondly. "It was the best ass fucking I'd ever had!" He cleared his throat. "Anyway, Counselor, I was hoping that you could provide this young person with expert counseling and be his mentor for the next 7 days. If you accept this assignment, you and Wesley may be excused from duty for the next 7 days so that you can concentrate your full attention on the problem at hand."
She smiled warmly. "I'd be glad to help Wesley."
"Fine. I'll inform Will that he will need to jack off or see Ensign Roe for his nightly blowjob for the next 7 nights."


Dr. Beverly Crusher looked in the mirror. "You ugly bitch!" She said to herself. "Doing your morning exercises, Bev?" Beverly turned around to see the lithe form of her best friend, and the best piece of ass on the ship, Deanna Troi. "Deanna, yes, just like you told me to. I think it's helping. I don't feel so superior today, as compared to yesterday. I think I might just lose my big ego after all. Thanks to you. God! Can you imagine me having the ego the size of Will's? I thought mine was bad!"
"Well, there's nothing I can do for Will except shove my pussy in his face, then take it away once in a while. He's a lost cause, but he'll eat my pussy when no one else will, even you. During my period."
Beverly wrinkled her nose. "I don't see how he can stand it. Of course, he isn't a doctor like me. Well, what brings you down here to sickbay?"
"The captain told me about Wesley's incident."
"Oh, yeah? I heard it from Will."
"So, I'm told." She paused to gather her thoughts. "Captain Picard feels that it's best that I spend the next 7 days making a man out of your son." Deanna eyed Beverly severly.
"Well, since you can sense my feelings, you know that turns my ass on more than anything! My own lover fucking my son! But, only if I get to help!" Beverly was clearly excited.
"Oh course, but not at first. I will be his first lover. Then, his mother can have him."


-- Chapter 2: Wesley's first lesson

Jean Luc Picard sat in his ready room, and prepared himself for his daily log entry. At the first sound of his voice, the recorder would activate. He was tense. He had just received a priority one communication from Star Fleet ordering him into the Lamore' sector. The Romulans were up to no good again.
"Stardate 34056.6, while traveling back from shore leave on Omega 4, we have just received a transmission ordering us to the Lamore' sector at warp 8. There has been an incident with the Romulans, and once again the Enterprise has been called to stop a galactic war. The ship is in good condition thanks to Chief Engineer LaForge, but we are presently short 2 personnel due to the unfortuneate incident with Ensign Crusher. Deanna Troi and Mr. Crusher are now sheltered away in an undisclosed location of the ship in an effort to disolve Mr. Crusher's inner conflicts and bring him more closer to his manhood."
Picard shifted uneasily and cleared his throat. "What I mean to say, DEANNA will become closer to Mr. Crusher's manhood ..."
The door chimed.
"Come." called Picard.
The door slid open revealing Will Riker, ship's first officer. He strutted in.
"Ah, number one. What can I do for you."
"Well, for one, you can tell me where the hell Deanna is. I've waited in her quarters for a half hour with a massive erection." Riker seemed upset.
"Oh, yes, I neglected to inform you that Counselor Troi will be unavailable for 7 days ..."
"What? Oh, God, no ... I can't stand it! I'm so horny that I'd fuck a dog right now!"
"Now, Will, calm down. I've made arrangements with Worf to take care of you ---"
"What? Are you crazy? Worf's dick would KILL ME!"
"Will, shut up and listen. He's not going to fuck you up the ass, you're going to fuck HIM up the ass. Afterall, you DID just say that you'd fuck a dog ..."
"Come on, Captain. What about Ensign Ro?"
"She's unavailable. It seems that Chief O'Brien has scheduled a three some with Ro and Keiko tonight."
"Damn! That's just great. Well, if Worf is all I can get, I'll just have to settle then."
"Fine. He said for you to stop by at 8."
Riker huffed out the door, and it whooshed shut.


"Now, Wesley, RELAX! You act like you've never been with a girl before."
"Well, if you can count my dog, daisy, a girl then I'm really experienced with sex." Wesley said in a blush.
Deanna began to realize just what a challange this was going to be. The boy would not even get two feet next to her. He was petrified.
"Wesley. Have you ever seen your mom naked?"
His blush deepened. "Yes. Many times. She often takes her clothes off in front of me, and uses this white tube thing on herself."
Deanna seemed shocked. "You mean, she MASTURBATES in front of you???"
"Yes, I guess you can say that. She keeps telling me that she pretends that the white thing is my weiny. Whenever I think about that, I want to throw up, though."
Deanna nodded. "Has she ever made you touch her?"
"Oh, yes, many times." He replied bashfully."
You MEAN ... She makes you touch her ..."
"Hairy-hole? Yes. Almost every night. She has even made me put my tongue on it a few times."
Deana was beside herself. She began to rub her pussy through her dress as Wesley described the incest he had encountered.
"My mom always gets crazy-eyed whenever I come in our quarters and I'm not wearing a shirt. One day, about three weeks ago, she grabbed me, and dragged me to the bedroom. She took her robe off, and she was completely nude underneath. She made me touch her breasts. Then, she reached down and touched my weiny. I couldn't help it!" He began to cry pitifully. "I GOT HARD FOR MY OWN MOTHER! OH,GOD, I'M SO SICK!" He broke away and ran to the wall panel.
Before Troi knew what was happening, Wesley had pulled his dick from his pants and stuck it in an out let on the panel. Sparks began to fly.
An alarm went off. Troi rushed to him. She grabbed his burning penis and yanked it from the panel. Semen flew everywhere. He was cumming. It went on her hand, on her uniform, some even flew in her hair. A look of relief flashed on Wesley's face momentarily, then guilt returned. And, finally, anguish.


Deanna consoled the poor boy for 45 minutes. She held his soft penis in her hand and massaged it. It soon began to harden, however, and it became necessary for her to do something about it. Meanwhile, her pussy was melting her underwear. Just thinking about Beverly touching her son's cock excited her to almost orgasm. She finally made up her mind to move the session forward and begin her lessons. She stroked the boy's hardening penis a few times, then reached down and kissed it wetly. It jerked on her lips, and he sighed. Good sign, she thought.
"Wesley, I want you to start calling your penis by the name that adults refer to it with. It's a COCK. And, I just kissed your cock. Now that I've seen your cock, I think it's time for you to see me nude and let me teach you about girls."
He looked apprehensive. "You mean ... You're going to take your uniform off and show me your breasts and your hairy-hole like mom did?"
Fear started to grow in his eyes.
"Don't be afraid, Wesley. It's normal for a boy to want to see girls naked. And, it's normal for us to see each other naked, and to touch each other. Now, watch closely as I remove my clothing. Pay special attention to my nipples, at how hard they get as the air reaches them."
Troi began removing her uniform. She was right. Her nipples hardened immediately upon becoming exposed to the air in the cabin. Wesley noticed that she had huge tits compared to his mother's. As she lowered her uniform down to her knees, Wesley got a good look at her pussy. He was shocked! She had VERY LITTLE HAIR ON HER CUNT! And, the hair she did have was AUBURN!
Deanna noticed the strange, fixated look he was giving her, and she felt the overwhelming confusion coming from Wesley. She glanced down at her pussy.
"Oh, Wesley! Don't be frightened. On my planet, women do not have hair on their pussies. But, because I am only half Betazoid, and half human, I have very little hair down there."She winked at him.
"My daddy was a red-head!" Wesley blushed deeper.
Deanna finished removing her clothing. Wesley was still sitting with his cock in his hand. Deanna motioned for him to come near her, which he did cautiously. She took his hand, and make him touch her pussy.
"Wesley,this is not called a hairy-hole. Grown-ups call it a pussy or cunt. I like a man to touch me here. And, this is where you will place your cock when you fuck me later." She could sense the fear still. "Feel how wet I am getting?" He nodded. " It is because you are turning me on from touching me there." She smiled warmly. "yes, Wesley, you DO turn me on, sweety."
She reached down and kissed him tenderly. He responded, and she could feel his hard cock against her bare leg. She took his hand, and moved it to her tits.
"feel them, Wesley, don't be shy. They like to be touched, especially the nipples. Why don't you put your mouth on one of my nipples, and lick it a little."
He did as he was instructed. Deanna breathed heavy and moaned. "Oh, Wesley, it's been a long time since I've had such a beautiful child like you touching my body!"
With this encouragement, he began to use his tongue more rapidly on her hardened nipples.
"Oooooohhhhhhh, I'M COOMMMMIIIIIINNGGGGGGG!" Deanna cried as she heaved her body and let loose a scream. It took several seconds for her to come down from her climax. Wesley was staring at her wide-eyed. "Oh, Wesley, you made me feel so good. You see, I just came. I had an orgasm which feels very wonderful. On my planet, all the women are capable of multiple orgasms without ever touching their pussies. I can come from the attention you just paid to my nipples. My mother once told me that she came from my dad just rubbing her palm. We betazoid women are VERY sensitive." She sighned, then looked at him with a smile. "Now it's your turn." She got down on her knees in front of him, and touched his hard cock. "You have a very nice cock, Wesley." She began kissing it lightly, which made it throb more.
She reached out with her tongue and flicked the head a few times, making it jump in her hand. She began to lick the thick veins of the underside of Wesley's cock. With no warning, he began spurting his semen on her face and hair. She quickly placed his cock near her tits and allowed him to cum on her tits.
"Oh, Wesley, you hot cum feels so nice on my skin!" Deanna exclaimed.


"Captain, sensors detect Romulan vessel decloaking off port bow!"
"Shields! Red Alert!" The captain ordered. "Mr. Worf, hail them!
Let's see what they want."
"No response, Sir! Wait ..."
A bright flash occured on the screen. The Romulan ship erupted. Shocked silence covered the bridge.
"Sir! We are being hailed!"
"What? From WHO?"
"THE ROMULANS!" Worf displayed the incoming transmission on the viewscreen.
"Picard! You've really done it this time! We've got you with your pants down now! We here by order you to surrender your vessel and crew and stand trial."
"What? Stand trial for what offense?"
"MURDER! We just witnessed you fire on our science vessel in direct violation of our treaty! Surrender or we shall destroy your vessel!"


-- Chapter 3: Surrendar

"Captain's Log, Stardate: 45783.4, We have just been ordered to surrendar to the Romulans. I must now decide whether to wage war and risk the lives of my crew and my ship, or surrender and risk the same. The commander has given me 15 minutes to make this decision. I now have 13 minutes left. I am undecided." Picard looked tired. "We still do not know why the Romulan science vessel exploded, but we DO know that we were not responsible. But, it may be hard to convince the Romulans of that. We have detected no other vessels in this vicinity. My crew is now scanning debris for any possible cause."
"Mr. LaForge, any data yet?" Picard inquired.
Georgi came up from underneath Ro's controls. Ro pulled her uniform back up, and zipped her pants. Geordi licked his lips.
"Captain, Data is sitting right there."
Riker's eyes went to the ceiling. "No, dammit! He meant, do you have any more information, stupid!"
"Oh, well, Ensign Ro is actually a blonde." Geordi pointed to her crotch.
Data intervened. "No further information, Captain. We have scanned all of the debris, but all we can tell is that it was a core breach, and the dithlithium chamber exploded. We are trying to infer the reason now, Sir."
"Very good, Mr. Data. Mr. Worf, any word from the Romulans?"
Worf growled. "They are DRIVING ME CRAZY! They are playing non-stop Barry Manilow music over the commsystem!"
The whole bridge crew groaned.
"Well, keep an ear out, Mr. Worf, and try not to fall asleep."
A few minutes later, 'Mandy' was abruptly interrupted.
"Picard! Have you decided, or shall we start target practicing?" The Romulan commander appeared on screen.
"You've got me. We have no explanation, but we did not fire on that ship."
"That's for the Romulan court to decide ..." A second figure came into view, a blonde female with pointed ears. A gasp came from the Enterprise bridge crew.
"Sela!" Picard shouted.
"Yes, that's right, Picard. I have finally gotten you where I want you. By the balls! You will prepare to be boarded within 2 minutes.Order your crew to surrender peacefully,or they will be killed. Is that understood?"
"Yes, Sela."
Tasha Yarr's daughter cut the comm signal, and the screen blanked but. There was total silence on the bridge.


Deanna was enjoying a tasty morsal of young cock. She loved the taste of virgin dick. A cock that had never been in a pussy tasted wonderful. She bobbed up and down energetically on Wesley's young, hard meat. He obviously enjoyed it because his eyes were closed, and he was moaning loudly. He would be coming soon, she knew. She took his 4 inch cock into her throat, and felt him tense.
She quickly released him from her throat, and back into her mouth, and felt the rush of hot semen shoot on her tongue and wash down her throat as she swallowed.
The cabin door broke open. Before she could rise, a familiar figure came into the room. She was surrounded by Romulans with disrupters pointing at Deanna and Wesley.
"So, is the ship's counselor bitch having a little young lunch? I didn't know you liked your cock so young, Troi? Mommy never mentioned that you liked the taste of male sperm either. Do all Betaziod's enjoy sucking cock, or is it the pale human side of you that gives into that delight?"
Deanna almost choked on the sperm, and Wesley's softening dick. She almost bit it when she recognized the figure standing in her cabin.
"Tasha ..."
"No, not quite. But, we'll all discuss this during the interrogation. Get up, bitch, NOW! Get your clothes on, and come with me. You, too, you filthy BRAT! Get your tiny dick back in your pants before I have my men blast it with their disruptors! MOVE!"
Deanna and Wesley were ushered out of the room with their clothes in their hands.
"Take them to the transporter and transfer them to our brig. I want THE ROOM prepared for these two. Am I understood?" Several of her crew nodded and replied faintly as they ushered the two prisoners away.


The Romulans took the bridge. There was some resistance, but resisters died from disruptor fire. Picard tried to calm his crew, and most listened. Worf roared.
"NO! Don't KILL me, please !!! I'll do ANYTHING !!! I'll tell you the federation secrets! Just DON'T KILL ME!"
Sela slapped Worf hard on the face, and kicked him in the scrotum.
"You filthy pig, you have nothing we want. You will be tortured with the rest!" She looked at her side. "I want this one's execution to be extrememly painful."
As she moved on, she heard Worf begin to cry pitifully. She came to Riker. Image of stone. He had his usual pussy-eating smile. Sela smiled back as she grabbed his balls in her hand. He tensed and grunted.
"I'm gonna have these alot. After I'm through with you, you won't ever want to look at another pussy!" She squeezed, but not as hard as she did to Worf.
It was enough for Riker to feel pain, however. She moved her hand to his straining cock, and rubbed it through his uniform.
"Oh, yes, I'm going to have fun. But, you better take the wadded up toilet paper out of your underwear, if you know what's good for you!"
Riker seemed embarrassed by this comment. She removed her hands, and moved on to her next victim. Sela stood in front of Commander Data.
"So, you are the perverted machine that fucked my poor mommy, eh? I think I'll follow in her foot steps and see exactly what she saw in you. She talked about your dick non-stop, you should know. Apparently, you never get soft. Is that correct?"
Data gave her his usual calculating look. "Commander Sela, I am not programmed for impotentcy. My creator wanted me to be like he always wanted to be. He was afflicted with serious bouts of impotentcy. In fact, he would go days on end ..."
"Enough, Rodent! You are worse than that worm SPOCK! You will only talk when I instruct you to."
She motioned to her aid. "Send this one to the quarter adjacent to mine. I will be spending some time with it." The aid nodded. She looked at Ro.
"Do you like to eat blonde pussy, bitch?"
Ro was silent.
"Well, maybe I'll shave it before you are required to eat it. But, believe me, you'll eat pussy, little bitch!" She glanced severly at the cowering young female ensign. "Remove your uniform. NOW, BITCH!"
Ro scrambled to comply, ripping buttons in the process. She was soon totally nude in the presence of all the bridge crew and their captors. Sela appraised her new prize, and smiled seductively.
"Oh,yes, little bitch, you ARE nice. I would have never guessed that you are actually a blonde also. But, you won't be for long. Your first duty to the Rumulan service will be to shave your little pussy. I don't like to have hair in my mouth when I eat pussy." She motioned to an aid, who brought over a shaving kit. "Take this and shave your sweet cunt for us, little bitch!"
Ro did as she was told. She sat and draped her long legs on another chair, as she spread them wide. She dabbed the shaving cream on her pussy, and began to lather it. The feeling of the lather was making her cunt wet. She still had not recovered from the eating she had gotten from Geordi previously. Now, the new sensations were restoring her horniness. Her eyes began to glaze over as she built up the lather, and applied the razor. It was cool to the touch. She winced at first. She began to slide it over her hair, and watched as it cut. She realized that her hair was too thick to get with the razor, so she reached into the kit and pulled out the scissors.
The others in the room were dead silent. Sela stood and enjoyed the erotic scene. Riker had now removed his cock from his pants and was stroking it's 3 inch length. Worf was still wimpering. Picard was somewhat subdued. Data was scientifically curious in the matter at hand.
"Commander, wouldn't it have been correct to begin cutting the pubic hair with the scissors before applying the lather?" He inquired.
"Shut your fuckin' face, rodent! I told you NEVER to speak out of turn. You will be deactivated if it happens again!"
Data remained calm and quiet. Ro was visibly shaking as she cut the thick blonde hair until very little hair was left. She then relathered her cunt. An orgasm gripped her as she touched the razor back to her pussy. Sela smiled as she recognized the ensign's condition. As the orgasm passed, Ro resumed shaving the hair from her pussy. In very little time, all hair was removed. The aid brought a pitcher of warm water over, and Ro rinsed the lather from her pussy.
Riker grunted and shot a load of cum right on Ro's back,and into her hair. Sela laughed as the sperm shot and dripped all over the ensign.
"Save you stuff for later, Stud! After I'm through with you, you won't have any sperm left to shoot!" Sela summoned the aid to begin escorting prisoners from the brig. Ro was the first, still unclothed and with a bare pussy. Finally, Sela came to Picard.
"So, pretty Picard. I will enjoy you most. You will be mytrophy. I hope you are into bondage and torture. You will receive alot of it!"
She looked at her aid. "Take him to our ship's turture chamber and strap him in. Make sure he's strapped in tight. Place the ballsplitter on him." She smiled at Picard. "We will have much fun!"

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