I guess there IS some difference in the way men and women think.

February 2003


14.02.2002 (fr), Karlsruhe

Valentines day!
Sitting here and thinking of a good Valentines present for Puca, I guess I found the best one: Starting the diary again. (She is complaining that I didn't wrote a line during the last year, what makes her not look that good thus I had plenty to report about during the US year and apparently have nothing to tell since she came into my live.)
A fact at first: That is not true, but all the things that happened since, I don't like to share:-)
Here is the short version of what I (actually it is now "we") did the last year. Moved in together, still have two cats, bought a new car, still working for the same company, never been to the US since, bought some new furniture... and so on, and so on:-)
Currently I am waiting for arrival of my 33rd birthday coming on (tomorrow). Being remembered that I am now in an age, which allows you to say things like "Once upon a time...", "That time we used to...", and similar phrases. An age which provides you with the significant awareness that you are no longer able to follow a conversation of two 16-20 year old "children". An age which - if you are zapping through TV channels - let you stop on a documentation about medical attendance of sciata and gastric ulcer while winkling your forehead and shaking your head when (accidentally) hitting MTV or Viva. An age, which makes you say "who is this?" on any "girl" or "boy" who is taking a seat beside the talkmaster in a TV show. (Basic truth is, all of them are evidently show masters at MTV or Viva shows.)  An finally an attitude which let you think the "experience" of your long life gives you the ability of thinking wide ahead of any thought younger ones (may) have.
I know I am getting old earlier than others, but I tend to go the whole 9 yards on any opportunity:-) And especially I learned - while studying old age people (and I mean "really" old age people) - that "getting old" is an excellent excuse and explanation for almost any other people annoying habit. It is additionally an excellent (and well accepted) reason for all the obvious limitations in regard to physical endurance which may evolve in time (means: it is not "occurring" during the next 30 years, it is only getting "worse":-).
Well, well, the more I talk (or write), the older I get (currently my back is killing me). 
It could be worse, of course.
It is well known, if you have actually nothing to complain about, you will complain about almost everything. Actually  it is all Pucas fault (another habit of an old-age, to always find somebody to blame for), I am feeling muuuch too good having her beside me (or being beside her) what brings up the need to find something else I can feel "bad" about. (It does not work, of course, but that doesn't matter, men do not need a reason, they only need an argument:-)
Happy Valentines day:-)