How does the snowplough driver get to work?
Douglas Adams

February 2002


06.02.2002 (wd), Bretten

Hmmm, this car is niiiice. Had a test drive with an Audi TT today, nice car. I am still not sure whether I can convince my stingily character to spend that much money for a piece of metal (confessing a very nice piece of metal), hmmmmm... anyhow, I will give the competitors a chance.


12.02.2002 (tu), Bretten

A 4 room appartment (in Germany we count any room, not only bedrooms:-) which has 3 rooms with approximately 4 to 6 square meters and one room with approx. 40 square meters with a ceiling height of about 2,20... I hate searching for appartments. 


13.02.2002 (wd), Bretten

Puca reminded me that I have to update my diary, actually that I have to write my diary so she has something to read. This is not what diaries are supposed to be, isn't it? (Does anybody know how to switch from German spell checker to English spell checker in German Frontpage... got it, nevermind.)
The issue is, I have actually nothing to tell, actually a lot to tell but nothing I like to share:-)
Actually I should work but I have a mental blockade right now and nobody is near me who can help me out and I smoke too much anyway so I spend the time telling... actually nothing but with a lot of words.
I need something to eat...


14.02.2002 (th), Bretten

We did it. Puca had the right attitude when being in the opinion we should send a "reminder" fax after seeing the appartment. She just got the call from our new "landlord":-)


25.02.2002 (mo), Bretten

Just got a mail from a German lady (actually I should say "girl", shouldn't I?) who is living in California who is requesting a reward for being the 1000 visitor to PushkinsWorld. I am not picky with my visitors (:-) so here is your present:-)