Without any doubt is seems a man in love something to be laughable  to anybody 
- except to the woman he is in love with.
Ohne Zweifel, ist ein verliebter Mann fuer alle Welt etwas laecherliches 
- ausser fuer die Frau, welche er liebt.
Peter Bamm

January 2002


02.01.2002 (wd), Karlsruhe

Actually I don't know whether this is a good idea. I am pretty sure that I can cause a lot of trouble (for myself) if I do report stories while being in a "reachable" distance to the one who may will not like what I have to write. Don't get me wrong, she is not "that"  type of woman... actually this is exactly one of the topics which WILL cause trouble...
Anyhow, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as Truman said. I actually am not afraid of the heat but I confess that there are a few "situations" (why the hell do I have to use quotations marks all the time?) which make me at least watching out for the window (in the kitchen).
Let's do this: I give you the core facts and then I will decide whether this is the first and last diary entry or not. (What does NOT mean that I am not entering the kitchen at all... again a possible trouble-maker statement... damn it). OK, I have a girl friend and I am going to move in with a girl (actually a woman, 29 years old). Again a dangerous statement: to specify: the girl friend and the one I move in together with are one and the same. 
I am going to wonder, is there something like political correctness for relationships? I - for sure - will figure it out, but may it is something I should no before?! Maybe we do it the old-fashioned way: what doesn't kill, will increase your hardiness:-)


11.01.2002 (fr), Karlsruhe

Hmmmm, since I am back from the states it seems I do not experience that much anymore...


20.01.2002 (su), Karlsruhe

What should I say, nothing is happening right now. If somebody knows a nice 3 to 4 room apartment for rent in Karlsruhe, you may can make something happen. Just contact me:-)