The higher the rise, the deeper the fall.

August 2001


01.08.2001 (we), Atlanta

Happy birthday, dragon.
Just for the record, I TRIED to reach you on your cell phone, on our mothers cell phone and on your husband's cell phone but I couldn't get a hold of you. The fact is: I have NOT forgotten to call you (and I really wish you a happy birthday).


02.08.2001 (th), Atlanta

Thank you so much, you really saved my day.


04.08.2001 (sa), Atlanta

Was out with Mark and Jimmy yesterday night, first in Halo (fancy place at 6th Street) later Loca Luna (6th Street/Juniper) later Golden Grolsch (6th Street), later Loca Luna (6th Street/Juniper) later Halo (6th Street). 
I need to tell you, I love to confuse Americans. They have no idea of sarcasm, especially they are not able to separate sarcasm from opinion. I met Shahi (or Shari or Kathy, I am not good in remembering names) a (girl) friend of Jimmy at Loca Luna (I still cannot believe that she is 40:-) and she told us that we need to avoid to get married. She is now engaged for four years and she suggested not to do it - sounds like a happy couple to me:-)
I gave her a few advice how to handle serious relationships, because I - as anyone knows - know how to handle relationships. I also suggested to first try it with a boy-friend before thinking over a divorce. Jimmy mentioned that this must be a German pick-up-strategy to suggest married women to try to find (better: to use) a boy-friend. Both of them took it very serious. As you may assume the rest of the evening we discussed the meaning of relationships with a topic focus on sex. I again, tried to explain that - for sure - sex with love is the best thing what can happen but that does not necessarily and not exclusively mean that this is the end of days. And it does NOT mean f-beep only (it does also not mean that f-beep only has to be a bad thing:-). You can have much more in just-having-sex-with-somebody (without having a serious relationship) than sex only. I am not good in people-skills but Shahi had this look: maybe-he-is-right.  (Later Jimmy told me that she once was hitting on him (without success), sounds to me like she had thoughts like that before:-)
Because we didn't get a table (in the crowded Loca Luna), Jimmy and I went to Golden Grolsch (Brewery and Restaurant) to grab something to eat, they really make a good Gumbo. Jimmy is quite a good listener, gave me the chance to tell the whole story again. 
(By the way: I didn't ask neither get offered Shahi's phone number, nor gave her mine.;-) 


04.08.2001 (sa), Atlanta

Got a 48 Kb connection speed to Earthlink. This information needs no further comment. (I opened a Corona to celebrate it in a appropriate way.)


07.08.2001 (tu), Detroit

As you know, I don't like Detroit that much. I got out the plain this morning and for a moment I questioned the location because it was HOT and HUMID like hell. Anybody in the city told me that Detroit has one-week a year like that (the waiter in Johnny Rockets called it "Atlanta-weather" (he really did!)). Murphy decided to get me to Detroit exactly this week. The meeting with this consulting company went well I think. They asked again the "worst" of all questions: How do you compare your EAI system to your competitors? I would like to answer: I don't. And I have to explain that I need to avoid to compare apples to cherries. Try to pick out examples where you really can compare and give them enough examples where you cannot compare. I hate this question because I know my answer is correct but sounds like a (lame) excuse anyway. In this case the guys knew already that you cannot compare those systems, therefore they asked the question. So I checked in the hotel quite early and left it at 7pm to get something to eat. I suddenly mentioned, that I've never been to a movie theatre since I am in the US. And I am really interested to see Spirits from Within (Final Fantasy). So I went to the Star Theatre (in Southfield), mentioning that Final Fantasy is no longer played (;-\), anyway I choose Planet of the Apes. This movie, well, weak dialogs - no: monologs - very, very weak heroism. A very, very weak story with quite weak special effects (you guys forgot that we have seen the 5th Element and Lost in Space?) Especially very poor actors and actresses, except those ones, whoms faces was made up as monkeys - oops, sorry: apes. The apes are really cool, the rest is a pain in the ass. (Well, at least the end is a bit funny.) 
Sitting here in the hotel - after checking whether my POC is still working - it does, and that surprises. (I still cannot forgive you that it took me so long to finish it.)
After getting back from the customer meeting in the building of a small German car manufacturing company (:-) I heard from Randy that the second meeting for the afternoon is to postpone because it was getting too late. Later Ken called me and told me that the meeting should be at 10:30am and a second one at 11:30am. Now there are three meetings for tomorrow, 10am, 10:30am and 11:30am. I always knew that I am a magician. To make the plan complete my flight back is booked for 7:05pm and I know (no I worry) that there will be no chance to get a earlier flight.
Saying flight: today was the first flight as silver medallion member of Delta. This MAKES something different (have no idea what), now I am allowed to board the plane with first boarding group and do no longer need to worry about the bin space for my luggage:-) I will get my standby flights with priority and any class upgrade. Things will get so easy now. On the other hand, Murphy will ensure to pack any plane I fly with with silver - no gold - medallion members, just to keep it even.


08.08.2001 (wd), Detroit, Wayne County Metropolitan Airport

Well, as you may've presumed, I was quite early this day, got out of the Crowne Plaza  near the airport where we had the last meeting of the day. The distance to drive is  approximately 2 miles. The time to drive the two miles was 30 minutes. It wasn't that much traffic (for a town like Detroit), it was more the excellent aggregation of traffic lights to make the traffic as exhausting as possible.
Returned the rental car and get in the Hertz bus heading back to the airport (2 minutes), then enjoying the bus for more than 30 minutes (because the bus has to pass the same traffic lights). Proceeding to the Delta counter and getting my ticket for the 7:05pm flight (as booked) because I was 30 minutes too late for the earlier flight (which was - as the assistant told me - only half full while the 7:05pm is completely booked what - unfortunately - forces him to grant me only a middle seat).
AND: I said: "Ohh, I'm nearly three hours ahead flight...!?"
AND: he replied - grin -: "I know Sir, but you have no chance to get a different seat at the moment. I'm sorry."
AND: "Let me guess, half the plane Gold Medallion?"
AND: "Roughly yes, Sir." GRIN (I could see his eyes checking out the date of my silver status startup because his grin even got bigger when he looked at the screen).
Whatever you reach, whatever you accomplish in this world, it is never enough.
Now I am standing here - laptop on the top of a trashcan - outside of the ugliest airport I know (competing with LaGuardia, but Metro Airport has all chances to win the competition). 
It is still hot.
I shouldn't have eaten this wings. (bueaehh)
At least I have a excellent Starbucks Cafe Latte (the American subversion of a cafe au lait, NOT the same than au lait but very, very close. Close enough that nobody - even Starbucks, Seattles Best or Carribean Coffee employees cannot explain it).
It only burned my tongue and palate a little bit.
It is still hot.
Two more hours to go.
And it is still hot.
I think I am running out of topics.
This is because it is so hot.


08.08.2001 (wd), Atlanta

I-85. Directly at the airport. Three lanes narrowed to one. Result: 1 hour 30 minutes wait, total driving time from Airport to my flat: 2 hour 06 minutes. Flight was on time (and really completely full...) I HATE middle seats, especially middle seats with me in it. Points out to any over weighted: "Sit here, he will appreciate if you do so." If you have one of them on the left and one on the right you really enjoy your flight. And you know what: this time it was couple. This is real sadism. They book - probably months in advance - their seats. In the same row but one seat in between. Than looking forward for the poor little guy they can compress between them.
AND: sitting between people usually makes the flight attendants believe that you belong to them. This time it was an over weighted Mexican (or whatever) couple which fairly know about the concept of "Hello". (where you have to reply: "Hello"). Maybe only because in Spanish it is the same? And any flight attendant was sure that I could help in translating serious and hard to understand conversation like "What would you like to drink?". (That was easy to translate, just make a appropriate gesture.) then something like "Could you please bring your seat in a upright position?" (me, after she looks at me (while talking to the man on the right of me) "I am sorry, but I doesn't speak a word of Spanish.") than the man said something (in Spanish) which sounds to me like "Geh und fick Dich selbst." but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same.
The problem was, that the flight attendant couldn't reach the button for the seat because this button is on the inside of the armrest and the guy filled - no flooded - the entire seat (and a few space of my seat as well). The flight attendant jiggled at his backrest (because to point on it hasn't shown any result - or interest - of the man). She was able to "mix-up" a few Spanish words, jiggling again. Then he got the point and squeezed his hand below the armrest and his body - thereby shifting a few more parts of his body over to my seat. That was no issue, because his wife also understood and started to search for her button (I am talking of her seat button!) at the same time - no matter that she haven't flapped her seat at all. This is one of the basic rules of engineering: keep forces in balance, set a opposing force to any force, this keeps structures in good shape. I know exactly how a bridge pillar feels. I tried the english-english "Excuse meeaeee!" (you know, I mean that voice which has this I-am-on-top-of-this-but-know-I-am-also-going-to-dislike-it expression in it), but they don't give a damn.
I don't know what exactly the lady was searching for, but she goes on searching for it until the plane landed. 


10.08.2001 (fr), Atlanta

I wish you a (very) happy birthday.
Remark: the east coast of the US is infested by a heat wave which had its height at  the 8th of August with a peak temperature of 101 degree Fahrenheit in the metropolitan area of Detroit while Atlanta - at the same time - got a temperature deduction - due to the outlying area of a storm front at the Gulf coast - to 80 degree Fahrenheit.


11.08.2001 (sa), Atlanta

You know that feeling when you sitting at your place and your ceiling getting lower and lower?
Well, I hate that. I hate sitting here and waiting for the phone to ring. 
I am again tired. The whole week I couldn't manage to get enough sleep at all. Have no idea why. Yesterday evening Mark, Jimmy and I made a Buckhead tour, starting at Goldfish after work, than (10pm) W Hotel near Perimeter Mall (their interior design is great, something like Delano in Miami, but if you go there be prepared to pay 15 bucks for a drink - that makes it even more alike Delano). Because it was so less people there we went to The Tavern at Phipps Plaza (excellent check-out location), Mark - at last - managed to get the phone number of the waitress (as far as I remember Monique) he was hiding on occasionally for a few weeks. Then we stepped by at the Club House (Lenox Square, across the street from Phipps Plaza) but it was too vacuous therefore we left immediately for the Beluga (Martinibar:-).
I've been there the first time, is a really nice place (forgot which street it is, but it is 2 miles down the road from Lenox Square). We stay there until 2:30am, then left for the Waffle House at Rosswell (well, one of them) to grab something to eat.
I was home at 4am and couldn't sleep, at 9:30am Stefan called because I had to drive them to the Marta (he and Christiane are leaving for a Key West trip). So I drove them there, returned home and tried to concentrate on work. Impossible. Now it is 1:24pm.
You know what, I go to buy a bicycle, anyway I need to make a few errands (coffee, tacos and milk). Wow, watching Good Morning Vietnam, this one of the occasions where I have to question my English language skills. Believe me, in English Robin Williams is not as near as funny as in German:-).
I met this girl yesterday who had spend 3 months in Germany, going to school there. I wondered whether my English sounds to the native speakers here like her German sounded to me. "Was wirschd du an Wochenende grabben?" (I had two Coronas at Goldfish, a Baileys at W Hotel, a Coors light at The Tavern and a second Baileys at Beluga so my English at that time was excellent - as usual if you get drunk you speak English like hell - but my German got weak, so I had a few serious issues to retranslate.)
Hehe, just got her business card out of my pants, her name is Mary (now I remember it) and she is a "Environmental Scientist/GIS Analyst" at the "Environmental Protection Agency". I have no idea what that is, may I should check it out:-) (For the protocol: I haven't asked for her calling card, Mark asked her girlfriend for hers and suddenly I got Mary's.)
Anyway, Mark is planning to have a party in two weeks. During the evening we talked to three pairs of girls (they always appear in pairs in Atlanta) and he invited all three pairs. If you calculate that on the basis of 14 days until the party by 4 spare days (even Mark need to calm down sometime), there will be 60 girls + a selection of Marks already present friends. I plan to drive to Savannah that weekend, but may I think it over and participate:-)
OK, I go for the bicycle and the milk now. 


14.08.2001 (tu), Atlanta

OK, I got no bicycle. The employees at Target weren't able to allow me to test it out. I will not buy a bicycle without test ride. This bicycle will have contact with my most sensitive parts, I cannot trust it without checking it out.
You know, this is a big city with a population of nearly 4 million people but I wasn't able to find a bicycle shop within an hour - how should I, this is Atlanta. The car drivers will be totally overwhelmed if you confront them with a bicycle rider (or is it driver?).  
Anyhow, well... you know. I got this "offer" and now I am thinking of whether they are going to "honor" me or whether they intend to shut my mouth up. Believe me, it is very hard to be thankful if you are thinking like that. On the other hand, I am going - I feel it coming - to think again: you can change it, you are the man. This keeps me bounded since years, well, not really bounded but somehow "related" and especially - I really never got the explanation for that - loyal.
At least I know that I will return. Germany is a big country, well not for me in this case but anyhow. I will speak my own language where I (usually:-) not have to search for expressions. I will eat real bread (which deserves the description of having a "crust"). I will see the little dragon grow (I still cannot believe how much I have missed). I will have a lot of fun, hearing English songs written by Germans (the Scandinavians are also not that bad:-). (You cannot imagine - may you can:-) - what a strange impression it is if you sit somewhere and your brain is automatically doing business-as-usual by representing any incoming English word with a appropriate meaning.)  
Damn, I will miss America like hell.


15.08.2001 (wd), Atlanta

This is the 8th month, today I started the countdown (mentally and physically). And with the countdown, I am suddenly facing the issues of the very beginning. Isn't that nice? The next week I will be in Denver Monday and Tuesday and leaving Wednesday night for Greensboro (North Carolina). Suddenly everybody is complaining again (usually about each other). (For the protocol: Sam is damn right but I have my plans how to deal with it, the only thing I really need is the ignition.) Suddenly I have to handle support cases starting with "Oh, I see, and you tried to login to this FTP server using the password you have changed to and it works?" get the reply: "Yes". 20 minutes later, while walking him through the RAS dialup, than the FTP login, let him try to use his user account (as used in our system) and let him realize that the password is not working at all. 
What I really hate is myself doing that, because I have so less confidence in our error messages, that I assume him (as customer) also not to have any trust in it. (The error message said "Login failure.") Then - convinced that I assumed the bad because I expected the bad - I go for trust the next time and forget the little bogey who is then - the next time - ensure the error message to say something like "Meaning of data not finished." (Well, at least you get a error message.:-)
I planned to leave for Denver at Friday to have three days there, but one of our chief officers was supposed to come to the states (do do what I heavily wait for to open my final campaign) this weekend. Today I got the information that he will not come to Atlanta at all and Thomas will fly up to Philadelphia to meet him there. So I walked down to the office of our travel agency and Tony tried to reschedule my Monday flight for Friday or Saturday. I got excellent results either could choose from paying 500 USD more or to have a two stop flight through Kansas City (nearly 7 hours travel). I don't need to see Denver that much:-) As I concluded "It seems that I will stay the weekend in town." Tony replied "Don'd fial sorrrry baud shad, shad gives us plenty of time ta pardy." (she is from South Africa).
By the way, Mark was supposed to call me because we should met Tony and the other "girls" in this South African restaurant at Rosswell today. Don't matter, I will order my standard pizza. I'm not sure my stomach can stand the South African experience today:-)
(Secret message: I will use the "service" but not today, today it would look like I made it up from the very beginning. I will forget what I asked you for (nothing easier than that;-) and then I am able to remember it next time I really need it. Stand by:-)


16.08.2001 (th), Atlanta

I don't know how, but today I figured out that I have lost a day this week. Crystal sent me a mail to remind me that she will have the day tomorrow off. And I was 100% sure that I haven't signed a vacation request for two days. I really, really was sure that today is Wednesday and I have two more days to complete all my stuff this week. Well, so much about making plans:-)
Now I am sitting here and do at least a few of the work - at least I am able to concentrate. I still cannot believe that I missed a whole day somehow.
Maybe this is because of this South African food yesterday. I ate an ostrich steak (red wine sauce with rosmarin). This stuff is really great. Check it out, a lot of South Africans (that proves the food is real:-) there it is at Roswell Road inside Perimeter approx 5 miles from I-285 it is called "10 degree South". There was a guy named Doug who paid a few shots (for you German guys Schnaps or Kurze but much more effective and fancy). I remember two of them one was called short Shot (tastes like Amaretto) the other one is called Red Snapper but it is not red and there are no snaps in it (it is 3 quarters Creme de Menthe and 1 quarter Baileys). Tastes strange (well, not really bad) but does not take any detour through your stomach and meets direct the synapses in your brain. 
I confess, I shouldn't have used the car for my way back home, not that I really was drunken but it already "started".
I like this place.


17.08.2001 (sa), Atlanta

If an American is telling you "We meet at The Tavern at 7pm.... I will give you a call in the afternoon." This means: stay at home until I call you.
I was on my way to The Tavern (Phipps Plaza) as Mark called me. (It must be my fault that I take appointments for serious:-)
Anyhow, he redirected me to "Roy's" at Piedmont Rd. (approx. 5 minutes from Phipps Plaza) to meet him, Jimmy and Britt there at 8:30pm.
Roy's is a huge restaurant in the middle of Buckhead. While sitting there (Corona 5.35 USD:-) and watching the folks walking in, I had a lot of entertainment. Nice place, going there with black Jeans and T-Shirt definitely was understatement. (I would like to wear suits more often, but the weather is definitely to hot to do so.)
In total we went to hour table at 9:30, after the party was collected successfully. That was really fun, two Tommys (Ris and Daz), a South African (Britt), a Canadian (Kim), a German (me) and 5 Americans (Kabo, Mark, Jimmy, Alice and Christine). I list that only because I am f-beep proud of myself that I remember all the names. (OK, I confess, Kabo or Kebo is the only one I haven't talked to this evening so I am not that sure about his name.)
In fact we were not ten but eleven because the waiter was Kim's boyfriend. (Scott) He studies German at the University of Georgia and lived for two years in Munich. 
Oh: the food at Roy's is supposed to be Hawaiian, I don't know whether it is or not, but it tastes great and is hell expensive (average dish for 25 USD). (Try Basil Peppercorn Crusted Tiger Shrimp, but only if you like spicy  food, comes with Wabashi (hope I spell it correctly) Mash.)
We stayed at Roy's until 1am, then left for Halo, well only a part of the party. 
The lady which lives in the apartment below me complained today about the "furniture moving" I do, I tried three or four times to explain to her, that I never have moved my furniture at all and for sure I will not do it at 12:30 or 4:30 in the morning. I told her I came home yesterday at 4:30am and went straight to bed. And she pointed out that this is exactly the time. So I asked her what she want me to do, to undress my shoes before I enter my apartment? And she replied - as a real American - "but it is really loud." 
She is of the type of "lady" who will not quit complaining. And I tell you something. In this case I am a real bloody alien - I don't give a damn.
Ooops, just dropped my dump bell from the table to the floor (it is 9:50pm), I am not sorry. 


20.08.2001 (mo), Denver, Colorado

Arrived at Denver about 2pm local time (mountain time). Drove up south 225 into a very nice dust storm, including the brushes crossing the highway. You know what I mean, as seen in every Western movie. That was nice, well, I presume it is nice as long as you sit in the safety of a car.
It took us a while to find the hotel within the Denver Technology Park but at last we succeeded.
Haven't seen much of the mountains yet, the only view was driving down a road while searching for a restaurant to grab something to eat. The weather is not very nice out here, it is scattered raining all the time and the whole area (including the mountains) is surrounded by a curtain of low altitude clouds. This is not the welcome I had expected.
(And: I got again a middle seat, I hate that. I really hate that.)
Also I ate the first time a Cajun Ribeye Steak. Well, tastes great but from the outside it looks like  a piece of charcoal (and it is supposed to look like that). I remember that this is not totally healthy, but what the hell. 
I will kill him. Once I get him, I will kill him. He defines a installation date (21st) for a customer, I send him a mail and ask - kind as I am - with whom of the techstaff he agreed on this date, he writes  back a mail reporting "none, but I try to make a sale here", I send back a mail that he never has to make any agreement on schedules before getting back to me or at least the consultant who has to implement it ("or you risk your appointments to collide with other (agreed) appointments"). He never replied. All of this "happened" on the 10th of August.
Stefan gave me a call as we arrived at Denver, that the customer called in today to ask whether everything is OK for tomorrow when we guys showing up at their location. No need to say it, this appointment has a "collision", nobody talked to the customer before to make clear the environment is defined and ready to run. 


21.08.2001 (tu), Denver, Colorado, Airport

You know that horrible paintings where the clouds are trying to jump out of the painting? I've seen them here today over Denver. That looks pretty strange. The clouds are totally flat on the lower side and like cauliflower on the other sides. Also they are arranged (you cannot call that different than arranged) in several levels. 
The weather is great, 75 degrees on 45% humidity I suggest to move the companies headquarters to Denver, well, for the summer, in winter this area is may not that amusing. (Everywhere snow gates along the highway, they won't build them up, if there is no necessity to do so - on the other hand, I have seen signs which points out "Bridge may be icy in winter!" in Florida:-)
Now we are waiting for our flight back to Atlanta (I made sure that I won't have a middle seat, and I also still hoping for my upgrade miles to first class are worth something;-)
This airport is quite nice from the inside, but from the outside it looks like a dwarf family (approx. 60 meters each) sunken into the ground (maybe while waiting for the next flight to leave). 


22.08.2001 (wd), Greensboro, North Carolina

I hate being a me medallion member, again I sat in the damn middle seat (huge lady on the left but a very small Chinese lady on the right. The appointment tomorrow is a t 7:30am and approximately one hour to drive (to Statesville). Also we are may in need to drive on to Ranaoke, Virginia to meet another customer there. That means three hours to Virginia, meeting, three hours back and hopefully getting the plane on time.
The weather and the area here is gorgeous.


23.08.2001 (th), Heading from Greensboro to Atlanta

Jepp, day is over now. Now sitting in the (nearly empty) plane heading back to Atlanta. We had to drive to Virginia. That was nice, the area is very similar to the Black Forrest in Germany, small mountains, forests everywhere. The guys at the customer site told us about a few places in the area (Ranaoke, VA) where you have excellent chill out capabilities:-) May I will have the chance to check it out;-)
The meetings these day worked very well, especially the Virginia guys where quite impressed about our capabilities and our experience. But - nothing to complain - both customers want to "move fast". I have no idea how it should work out, all of them want to "do something" during September, no need to say, our September is pretty booked and I have no guys left to do anything. On the other hand, the fact that no resources are left may is the reason to get both customers for sure, because it would be the hardest thing to manage, and Murphy loves stuff like that:-)


26.08.2001 (su), Atlanta

Mark and I were out on a barbeque of a bunch of German guys in Peachtree City. Was nice talking business in your mother language:-). Everybody was spraying those anti-mosquito stuff at legs and arms except me. ("Mosquito's never sting into steel":-) And all the evening everybody got stung, except me. I guess the steel theory works out:-)
Depending on the stuff I have to finish today, we may will go to the Braves game today (currently playing against the Los Angeles Dodgers).


27.08.2001 (mo), Atlanta

Nearly five years of studies, final exam results below 2 (B), diploma thesis with 1 (A), but it took me one hour to install a mouse. OK, it is new technology for me (optical, cordless) but anyway: one hour. (Sam may would start to determine the expenses it causes if somebody like me does stuff like that in comparison to a hired guy who has to take care of it:-)
I was not at the game, but I saw it on TV, was nice. The Braves won 9:2 vs. the Dodgers. Man of the game was Andruw Jones who bat two home runs (no grand slam;-\). Hehe, and Chipper Jones was relegated after saying something to the referee. I guess it was not very kind, neither polite. (Just checked out the website, today they lost 4:2.). We are still leading our division (East) but are also still in the weakest of all divisions and all of the other division leaders have better scores than we have. Just mentioned, that I wrote "we". Hmm. 
Talked to a (I guess) old lady on the phone (could not tell you what for, is part of a secret) this day, who first had this "ooohhhh, a foreigner" reaction and later on gets really warm and was not willing to end the conversation at all. This is the first time in the USA I heard of someone who will not accept a credit card. I have to send her a cheque and she then will call me (I guess after she checked the cheque to be valid) to inform me about the results (as I said, cannot tell more without corrupting the secret). I have to write any additional required information at the bottom of the cheque so she is able to combine the data with the payment. I appreciate that, that give me chance to use the first of my 200 cheques I got with the account.
AND: got a call today from my "Would you like to come in for a coffee?" appointment (19.07.01) (it was NOT a date). She opened with "You still not interested to take a advantage out of your "investment"?" (She is no American.:-) It took me a few seconds to get the point, I think I should make less adds for this website:-)
For the record: I'm (still) not. (And this time it is not about her, this time it is about me:-) OK, I am again very proud of myself. May I will meet her during the weekend, I promised to call her. (This mouse sucks.)


31.08.2001 (fr), Atlanta

Have been to the game yesterday. Braves vs. Montreal Expos. They lost 4:2. And they deserved it. How embarrassing to lose against a team like Montreal twice (0:7, 5:3, 4:2). I don't like baseball and I don't like the Braves.
And Murphy had fun. Was going for a Pizza at the second inning and had to wait for approximately 10 minutes at the booth. Was nice looking at the small screen and watch Jones and Jordan to bat homeruns (first Jones then Jordan).
No need to say, this was the only glorious moment of the Braves the whole game long.


31.08.2001 (fr), Atlanta

My ceiling is moving again. I swear to god it is coming closer. I have to get out of here.


31.08.2001 (fr), Atlanta

Jupp, I had to get out:-)
Now I am sitting here - pretty drunken. I took a taxi:-) Hope I can remember where my car is tomorrow. Met the others at Goldfinger in Buckhead, approx 2am I had to leave, don't know why but I had to get out there. Got in a really bad mood. Well, not really bad, but needed to be alone with a few drinks.
I think that taxi driver took 40 bucks for a ride from Buckhead back to Dunwoody. Seems to be a lot. 
Jupp, today my guilty conscience is back. It might be it came back and brought a few friends with it, I brought a few drinks and altogether we had a nice but depressing party. Well, well 4:21am now, I will go to bed and cry into my cushion;-\
Life is a bitch and so am I:-)