Wenn's Dir in Kopf und Herzen schwirrt / Was willst Du bessres haben / Wer nicht mehr leidet, nicht mehr irrt / Der lasse sich begraben.
J.W. v. Goethe

June 2001


01.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

It is still raining. This should be the south. The sunny south. Somebody told me about the sun, I fairly remember this celestial body.
It was raining the whole day, I could get homesick, but the rain does not mean that the temperature gets lower it behaves like in Germany. It is still warm, and raining.
I going to get a depression.
Well, that require to have no reason or to be female (;-). I have a lot of reasons and as far as I remember I am not female have no female quality at all (I am not sure because I'm going to forget what type of sexual interaction I am used to have). 
I think I get a fit of raving madness instead.


02.06.2001 (sa), Atlanta

What am I?
Get up at 9am to clean my place!? I even cleaned the carpet with this uproarious vacuum cleaner.
OK I am ready to welcome the family. I already see my mother ironing my T-Shirts, I will have no chance to detain her from doing that. I am only a son, you know?
She will ask me for having a iron, I am sure she will (thx god I have one, else she may is going to buy one).
I will drive to the airport in a minute.


03.06.2001 (su), Atlanta

The family is here. (Mother, stepfather, sister, brother-in-law and my niece Aileen.)
It took the little dragon 1 minute to make the family moving everything in my flat up to a height of at least 1 meter so she isn't able to get it.
Oh I like that.
I picked them up at Saturday, 2pm in the nicest Atlanta weather, sunshine, not too hot (only 82 F), not to high humidity. It worked fine. I was there on time and Swissair also was on time (well five minutes, that is nothing. I heard a few stories about guys who have huge issues getting a plane flying (or arriving) on time.)
I let them having their first cigarette after 10 hours, then... Murphy joined us.
Ralf and I went to the Thrifftys desk to get the rental car (because we needed to have the car with the child seat from the very beginning).
No need to say: the Thrifftys desk was the only rental car companies desk at the airport who had a queue in front of the desk. It took us (Ralf and me) 15 minutes to proceed to the desk, telling the lady that I made a reservation for a car a few days ago and hear from her that we should follow her because she had to go to the office at the parking lots anyway. OK, we followed her.
At the parking lot of Thrifftys, we could proceed to the desk within a second, and get served by a lady who shouldn't have worked there that day because she really was sick. She was fairly able to move two meters from the chair she sat on to the desk and then started to give us the car.
Basic issue from the very beginning (approx 5 minutes until she wants to see the credit card), was that I have a freakin checking card with Visa account on it, but Thrifftys only accepts major credit cards - no need to say, this was one of the days I had my German Visa credit card (which is a major credit card) not with me. Furthermore - no need to say - I called Thrifftys on Thursday to check whether my reservation (through travelocity.com) was ok, it  was. I even LET HER CHECK my credit card - and it was OK!
I - now with nearly six months of America experience - start a discussion with her and - I really know how to deal with people! - it leads to no success.
At least Ralf gave her his credit card and she accepted that.
Then she continued to insert my - now Ralf's data - into her terminal, al the time supported by a colleague who recommended this or that by just having a look at her screen (while she was typing something in into the terminal left of us).
Then I asked her about the child seat, oops, another issue. "Yes we have child seats."
"Aeehhm, and can we get one?"
"We have a first-come-first-get policy."
"Yes, I know, so do you have one?"
"I have to check that." she said and looked behind her (there was nothing), turned her head back and this time I really felt pity about her, she really was supposed to lay in her bed.
"I will check for the seat." said her colleague. Goes away, comes back a few seconds later and continues typing in something in the computer next to us (we were the only customer at the whole desk).
While the ill employee continues to insert the data (know in total about 15 minutes).
At last I reminded the child seat again, the other lady turned around, went through the door and came back with a child seat. After having a quick look at it I asked her whether this is the only one left, she nodded to that.
The seat looked like used as diaper substitution. Brown mud all over the seat and the lower ranges of it. I am a brave guy and took a smell, that at least convinced me that it was really dry mud.
At last the lady finished the transaction and went straight back to her chair. I took us a few seconds before we realized, that nobody will hand us the car keys without asking for them. We asked a passing by colleague, made her searching for a full size cars keys. I guess that was a contract extension, usually the car keys are not part of the deal.
By the way: the car (full size) is $39 a day, the insurance (collision only) is $20 a day and the child seat is $9 a day. (That is nearly 25% of the full size car expenses, cool.) Murphy knew that, Chris (a colleague) checked with his wife whether he can borough me their former child seat of his son (now 2 years old) but he got ill a few days ago so he never was able to give me the child seat.
At least we got a very nice car (300 miles on it), a Dodge Intrepid, really a nice car.
We went to Applebee's to eat dinner (and I won the first fight for the bill).
(By the way: my mother DID ask me for the iron and a appropriate ironing board. So nobody ever can tell me I don't understand women - well, at least I understand mothers.)
Mark called at 9pm and asked whether we meet later the night, seeing that all four of them was really tired I met him all alone at the Fountain Head. I like that bar (don't know why). I stayed there until 1:30am talking to one of Marks girl friends Menaka. She is from Belize (Mark would say: "she's smokin"). That was really great, sitting there - first time since I am in America - talking about literature (one bloody foreigner to the other;-).
I think I loose a little bit of respect in her eyes confessing that I am a convinced fan of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. Well, I was the first guy she ever met who read the bible (I still think is a illogical, incoherent and inconsequent literature, but the pope may know it better), may that helped to confuse her that much, that she gave me her telephone number (and kissed me twice, well only the cheek but it is a start, isn't it?:-). After Menaka left (she had to work the day after), Mark and I went to the Karma Club.
There again I met Stefane, he is indeed, the most nasty Frenchman I ever met. He is a former boxer and is using the credit his French accent is giving him to f-beep as many women as live in Atlanta - with success. This - indeed - is what guys with a lesser successful quote is annoying.
I told him what I think and he laughed about it and responded "But I never sleep alone, you too?" (Well, Atlanta has tree times more women than men, but... why the hell is a German accent not as interesting as a French accent?)


03.06.2001 (su), Atlanta

We went to Stone Mountain this day. Just because this is my Atlanta attraction favorite (and by the way the only attraction I've seen so far) and because I really like it.
The weather was not that good, rain from time to time. From the parking lot we went to the lift station and first - German tourists, you know - inside the diner to get something to eat. My mother and my sister went in a few minutes earlier and got something to eat while Ralf and I got late, decided what to eat, ordered, paid and then waited for the result. As a short power blackout deleted the hopeful print out on the screen (which the employees use to keep track of the orders), I mentioned to Ralf this may cause issues because they got our money but may don't know what to server anymore while a entire blackout reminds us that they were not able to serve anything at all.
Well, at last they managed to serve our stuff by - I guess - to fry it in the still hot grease (it tastes like that).
Due to the fact, that the lift wents only really slow (powered by the auxiliary engine), we decided first go for the train which is riding around the entire Stone Mountain (and Stefan mentioned something about a train robbery show which is going on on the ride).
We joined the row, mentioned quite late that we need to buy tickets first. The train arrived a few minutes later and just the second the people started to leave the train, the thunderstorm above our heads started to tell us its opinion about joy train rides.
We fairly got inside the railway station building before the rain drops down - well before the rain changed direction from vertical to horizontal. I am talking about rain, I mean really rain the sight was restricted to 15 to 20 meters. Also the railway station was crowded like hell, trust me: it is not that easy to keep a 1 year old child in a good mood in a boring, crowded railway station - even when it is such a patient girl like Aileen. We had to stay there for at least an hour. I managed to get the money for the tickets back, even (Murphy) only five minutes after throwing the receipt to trash. (I had to fill out a form, don't know what this was good for, but I got the money, that is everything what counts.)
Well, family, welcome to the sunny south.


04.06.2001 (mo), Atlanta

AT&T broadband.
A NIC means: Network Interface Card (as far as I know). A "NIC address" is either the physical address of the network adaptor or it is a simple IP address. The physical address of an NIC and the IP address are TWO DAMN F-BEEP DIFFERENT THINGS. (May therefore they have different names?)
IP addresses are used to identify a NIC (actually the computer using the NIC) within a TCP/IP network. A DHCP server is used to give a dynamic IP address to any NIC in the network (when the computer is starting up).
A physical network adaptor address is used to identify the hardware the network protocol is using (lets say the NIC itself, may therefore you call it "physical").
A computer can have MORE than one IP address at the same time if connected to different networks (it even can have MORE than one NIC). If I have a NIC in my (this) laptop and are currently connected to the internet by using a MODEM dialup connection, this stupid application called ipconfig will display the PPP interface with the damned f-beep IP address EARHTLINK gave to my computer when he is locking in to Earthlinks network using a DHCP server. And if I close and reopen the dialup I may will get a different IP address. AND: this does NOT (not, not, not) mean, that my NIC has this IP address. (By the way - dear AT&T - the application winipcfg is NOT a part of Windows 2000, I am sorry but ipconfig DOES INDEED THE SAME THING, trust me, if not me, trust the holy Microsoft.)
Dear AT&T you got this concept? It is not my idea, it is commonly used and it seems to work in millions of networks all over the planet, it works for the internet, sure it also works for your network, don't you think so?
It was like trying to explain a horse the concept of Salsa. The guy came from AT&T to install the cable modem I ordered. He should be in between 2pm and 5pm and came at 9pm (I was the last appointment of the day). He connected the cable modem to the plug within 5 minutes, then Murphy (sitting on my couch) leaned back and crossed his arms, waiting for the things to come. First he tried to start "WinIpCfg" on my computer, I fairly could convince him that Windows 2000 has no application called that name but what he may could use instead is "ipconfig" (after starting a command console), that were two steps instead of one and - I still think that was the real problem - he didn't see any dialog appearing only the printouts of ipconfig within the command console.
Notice: I was not connected to any network, therefore ipconfig only print out "Media State...: Cable Disconnected" (I swear the god he read it and then gave a very surprised look to his cable modem laying on the floor, I am sure he was wondering how my computer could know that he hasn't plugged in the television cable into the cable modem yet.)
Then he tried to get hold of one of the guys in his headquarters to get the connection from the modem to their network (by reporting the modems MAC address to the guy at the phone). Then he want me to give him the "NIC address" of my computer again.
I showed him the current content again and explained why it looks like that, then I showed him the same settings by using the /all option (which displays also the physical address). 
"What I need is the NIC address of your computer."
"The physical address or a IP address."
"No you didn't get me. I need the NIC address of your computer to connect you to our network. See, the network needs it to identify you if you log in."
"Sure, so you need what? The physical address is this (00-50-04-94-14-9C)..."
"No, you didn't get me, I need the NIC address of your computer. It is the same we have seen before as you called this program before."
"Please, trust me, this was because I was connected to Earthlink as you called ipconfig the first time, now I have closed the asynchronous connection, therefore it is no longer displaying it, that has - trust me - really nothing to do with the network adaptor."
"Yes, but I need that address, or we cannot connect you to broadband."
"OK, let me setup an IP address." (I opened the network settings and started to insert a IP address by switching the settings to static ip address.)
"No you cannot do that. That will not work. We need to have the NIC address, if you choose something it will not work."
"But this is the way it works. You define a IP address, or you get one from a provider who lets say institution anybody who administrates the IP addresses on a network (could be the internet). If you cannot give me an static IP address - and I know you will not because I haven't ordered a static IP address and usually you have to pay for static IPs on the internet - then I define my IP address and we go from that."
"But we need no IP address, we need the NIC address of your computer."
This conversion rapidly gets to an end, at last he packed together his stuff (including the modem and the cable but missing to get the driver CD, the manual and a few other stuff) and rushed out the door saying: "If you are that sure, I cannot help you, I am just a technician who does his job. If you no it better I cannot install it. I need the NIC address to proceed."
(If you need a translation: "Fuck you.")


05.06.2001 (tu), Atlanta

Ha, I got a hold of Sebastian on MS Messenger today. And he couldn't answer the question "What is a NIC address?" either without asking the same questions than I asked the AT&T guy yesterday. I told him the story and he gave me the conclusion that it was my fault, the only thing I should have done is to change the IP address to 666.666.666.666 and then force the guy to report this IP to its network. I did something like this but I haven't insist to finish it. Stupid I.
I think I stay with Earthlink, in fact 9 of 10 dials are successful and I sometimes get a connection speed of 44 Kb.
And, I finally booked all the hotel rooms. From the 9th to 12th Destin, Florida (Thomas and Tanja are currently there and I talked to Tanja today, she gave me the address of a company who offers holiday  flats there). 12th to 13th in Biloxi, Mississippi, at last 13th to 15th to New Orleans, Louisiana.
For Destin I've got a house, for Biloxi the Beau Rivage (because I really liked that last time we was there), for New Orleans the Maison Dupuy a luxury hotel in the French Quarter.


07.06.2001 (th), Atlanta

Annette called me today. After so many years focusing on me (;-) she found at least a cognate mind and it sounds like the really felt in love. Indeed, the only negative think I heard about that guy was the name: Otto-Friedrich. Hehe. I like that, at least I have something I can complain about:-)
But however, this makes my biological clock ticking louder. If you listening to the voice of people who are excited and so happy about their new relationship like Annette is, you start to think over your own situation. (If Annette hear about this, she will say "You got your chance but you wouldn't like to.", or something similar, and she is right.) I think after nearly six years standing with me (well not only but mostly me:-) and sometimes want to have more or different respond than she got, she really deserves it. Anyhow, even without me being that type of I-take-the-advantages but I didn't want a "normal" relationship, she really is the most neat, open minded and especially non-caging:-) woman I ever met. (Mark would say: "she's smokin":-)
Otto, if you copy this, you did yourself (and hopefully her;-) a good share. Both of you: enjoy!


08.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

Ralf and I tried to figure out the best route to Destin (our first target for the next week). I was pretty sure the best way is to drive 85 than 65 south, then 10 east. All interstate except the last 50 miles. Microsoft Streets & Tips route planer on the other hand insists to leave the 85 at Montgomery and then drive through Alabama highways. MS pointed out a 5 hours for its route and 6 hours for the route through the interstates. At last (it took us only two hours to discuss that), we decided to trust the global operating company of Microsoft (who are we that we can operate against them).
(To be sure I will ask Sam tomorrow whether he knows something better:-)


08.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

On vacation again. Tomorrow we will flee the weather to the real sunny, real south. Destin, Florida is the first targeted location. I got the weather forecast for Destin, it points out sun for the whole week. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead. This place is really great, if you go there, check out the Shrimp Scatter, excellent stuff.
As dessert we tried the Tiramisu Cheesecake, it is sweet as pure sugar, even more. I could stand only one fork of it - don't get me wrong, it tastes great, but you have to stop after one fork if you aren't able switch of the sweet-taste section of your tongue.
The only one at the table who could stand the sweetness was my sister, and of course the fruit of her loin. Aileen got really mad about the cake and I think she ate at least the half of it (Ralf also stand only one fork and my mother and my stepfather don't even tried it.)


09.06.2001 (sa), Destin, Florida

Sunshine state Florida.
First of all, we drove nearly 8 hours to get here (not 6 as MS Streets & Tips was pointing out). It was a 8 hour drive through rain in Georgia, then rain in Alabama (disturbed by rain), then rain in Florida.


10.06.2001 (su), Destin, Florida

OK, I won't call it sunshine but I also cannot call it rain. The entire sky, up to the horizon is clouded in this ugly gray color. It gave us the opportunity to go the beach at least for a few hours, even enough to get a sunburn. We never saw the sun today, the clouds were closed all day, nevertheless a sunburn.
The beach is nice, the house we got also, well I cannot made responsible for the weather.
At the evening the storm came entirely over Destin, now we have strong wind and horizontal rain from time to time.
(Secret message: switch on smiling, you know and I know, this was the day.)


11.06.2001 (mo), Destin, Florida

OK, rain all day, well it became a little better at the evening. Because it was that bad weather we went to the Sand Plaza Factory outlet at Destin. This mall is really huge. We shopped there nearly the complete day, going from shop to shop.


12.06.2001 (tu), Biloxi, Mississippi

Yup, I promised myself luxury holidays for the family and here we are. We are in the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi. The rooms are great, well furnitured, great bathroom (shower and bath).
We've seen the "Lord of the Dance" show today. This is really great. I like this stuff. I was in there with my mother and my sister (while Ralf and my Stepfather took care of the little dragon). The show is great but they try to establish the worlds biggest fridge in there. I was really glad that I'd my sweater with me. But the show is really good.
After that we'd dinner in one of the Casinos restaurants, by accident we choose the one which is buffet as much as you can eat (14,95 USD). This is really great. Excellent seafood (I love shrimps, one year from today I wouldn't be able to look at them, but now I am a shrimp eater). Excellent sides, even fine desserts. (Tip: go there after hour, as we passed it going to the show at 8pm, there was a row of at least 200 people, after the show at 10:30pm we went directly to the desk, where you have to pay before you can enter).
Then we started playing (again at the 25c bandits), the only one who really made profit was my mother. She went out with more than 20 USD gain. If you count the money she gave us (Ralf and me) to play with from her advantage, she may would have get 50 USD.
I indeed lost again, this time all over everything to my limit of 50 USD (+ at least 10 bucks of my mother:-). Ralf did better and went out with 20 USD loss.
That is a sign people, unlucky gaming means luck in love, so stay tuned;-)
We played until 2am, it was really fun, at last I forced my mother to give up to get some sleep. I AM a good son.


14.06.2001 (th), New Orleans, Louisiana

OK, I now am going to like New Orleans. We arrived the day before yesterday in the Maison Dupuy. A very nice hotel in the French Quarter. The last time I got bored by the city, but this time the little dragon forces me to make a different type of New Orleans experience. We did the full program. Aquarium of the Americas, ride the Mississippi on a steam (a real steam) engine boat, explore the French Quarter.
Especially the French Quarter seems to be totally different this time. Really neat, interesting and I think we found a few of the charm it is supposed (and told) to have. If you are there next time, go to the Cafe Madeleine at the Jackson Square. Excellent coffee and French biscuits, cookies and cakes. Even the interior is nice.
Also I found the Idea Factory, a small shop for woodwork. Neat ideas, senseless but interesting machines, toys, everything made out of wood only. I bought a snake which is also a 3D puzzle and within the snake is a mouse (if you separate the puzzle pieces.
I think the tip is this: stay away from Bourbon Street.


15.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

We are back. We made a Swamp tour on our way back, it was nice but also some kind of boring. We rarely have seen any animal. OK, two crocodile but before we started the swamp tour. After that we've seen no animal at all. Well, lets say this is nature, no wildlife animal will adjust its life to the schedule of a few stupid tourists.
But, we made the tour with a class of school girls in the age of approx. 13 years. A dragon fly passes through the boat and the girls get scared and started yelling and ran around. Until! Until their teacher took the word, you know that type of talking from your own school experience, did you? She started speak lout (not yelling, just talking loud), lowered her voice after the first few words, well knowing that she got the full attention of her girls.
"This are dragon flies, they do not sting, they do not harm anybody at all. They will not sit on you and touch you only if you run in their way. As child's we tried to catch them but I never've seen somebody catching one. Nobody will get harmed, except when you all run around and hitting each other while escaping from a harmless insect."
After that the girls stayed calm.


16.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

Happy birthday mother!
We went to the Braves game this day, I wanted to show them Baseball. I got the 5 dollar ticket but we got standing room only. Turner Field got the second largest crowd in its history at this day, I am sure that Murphy was with us;-) 
Anyway, the Braves won, nothing else counts and I think all of us had a nice evening.


17.06.2001 (su), Atlanta

Walls don't talk a word. This is horrible.
Mark is in D.C., Stefan in Mexico, I still cannot get a hold of Menaka and Donna is also not answering her phone.
Today we went to the Cheesecake Factory to have brunch there, after that we drove to the airport. The rental car return works nearly perfect - in Thrifftys terms. We (Ralf and I) stopped the car at the return row, a employee stepped by, walked around the car, noticed the full gas tank, approved the return and told us after minute that we had to step in to get the receipt because she wasn't able to print it.
I watched out for Murphy but I couldn't see him.
Indeed the printout at the office was done in 15 seconds and we stepped out. Even the bus arrived a few seconds later and gave us time enough to finish our cigarette. Wherever Murphy is, he didn't stay with Thrifftys.
Then we had a last coffee at Starbucks Coffee inside the Concourse E, that was it.
Family is on its way back to Germany and walls don't talk.


19.06.2001 (tu), Atlanta

Donna called this day, she got her car in a garage near my office so I picked her up at the Marta station and drove her to the garage so she could pick up her car.
Hereafter we went to Applebee's to eat something.
She is so cute. She was talking all the time (there is no off button) about her new boy-friend. She is jealous, but doesn't know about what, she wants to see him more often, but don't tell him this fact, she didn't like that he is on duty all time and has to drive to the hospital when his beeper gets a signal, but is proud to have a doctor as friend.
A control freak from bottom to top (handsome bottom and top:-). I don't have a clue how she is thinking. I like that.


26.06.2001 (tu), Miami Beach, Florida

It is now nearly 4am and I cannot sleep.
Thanks god I have this diary, else I may would start to work;-)
We are going to have a meeting with a very important customer today (1pm). We arrived in Miami at 5pm yesterday and had to wait nearly half an hour for our luggage because a lightning had hit the electricity (no need to say, only in our terminal).
At last we were on the way with the rental car, heading for Miami Beach. We found our way without any issue (it wasn't that complicated). 195 north, than east until we reached Miami Beach, then right on the Ocean Drive and all the way down until reaching 21st Street.
We stayed at the Abbey Hotel in 21st Street, this is cool, even the prices are only at 80 USD a night (off-season) , very nice rooms (only "light" Miami), wood and chrome. In the lobby a nice restaurant but I've never seen someone else than the employees of the restaurant down there (off-season).
We - Mark and I - started the night at Wolfies Diner at intersection 21st and Ocean Drive. A pure and real American diner, for Miami quite inexpensive (Shrimp Platter for 14 USD, Burger for 9 USD), and some kind of dirty there but you cannot have everything. The food is good and it is open 24 hours a day (I said pure and real American). The only a bit disgusting thing is that everything in there is plastic (the plates, the cups, the tables, the seats with a plastic casing, etc.).
And also, this seems to be the message of Miami. The architects of nearly every building trying to let their build say: "this is the most fancy building I can imagine and I've chosen the most ugly, competitive and signaling colors to paint it to make sure you recognize surly that this is the most fancy building that I can imagine and you've ever seen - and by the way: it made out of plastic to ensure the artificial impression."
This is Miami: artificiality painted in pink. (or: "Art Deco until I die.")
After Wolfies we went straight to the Delano Hotel at Ocean Drive (rooms starting at 450 USD per night) not far away from Wolfies. Mark is a fan of their interior in the "bar area", and so am I. It is more a hallway than a lobby. At least 10 meters high with white, nearly translucent curtains hanging from the ceiling to the ground separating the lobby. There is a Japanese restaurant, a bar and at the end of the building Madonna's Restaurant "Blue Door" (we already had dinner at Wolfies). All the interior does  totally but perfectly not fit together.
We stayed there until 1:30am, played chess, later on billiard with a group of 5 (Mark started talking to them) a young attorney Brad from Boston, Dr. John from Atlanta, (as far as I remember a surgeon) and a business man called Mike who insists to be called Michael "because Mike is the name of a boy". (Mark and I both don't liked him.) They had two good-looking ladies with them, as far as I remember Robin (she seemed to be Brads girl friend) and the Russian (neither Mark nor I remember her name, she was blond, that's it). We both still are not sure that she wasn't a professional, at least she was especially interested in Mike (who was definitely the most ugly guy of the group:-)
Now, after a few years of hard trials, I found a billiard player which is at least as worse as I am: Mark. Billiard is a very simple game, it is pure mathematics by just checking out which ball in which angle to hit. Even using the band you only need to remember that in angle is equal to out angle (as long as the ball is not rotating), and rotation can be prevented by hitting the white ball in the center. It is so simple - theoretically.
At 1:30pm we decided to go to a different place and Blondi told us the best place for a Monday night is "Tantra".
We went there by following them in the car, well discussing the relationship of Mike, John and Blondi (who all drove in the car in front of us) (non of us four liked Mike).
At Tantra I made the fault to let the valet parking guy give a ticket, 15 USD gone while looking at free parking slots across and down the street. Brad and Robin straight stepped in, while Mark and Mike were stopped by the doorkeeper. These guys were really polite but insisting on the Tantras policy to let no shorts coming in ("you man, come in, have fun" because I wear a suit). Mark was complaining that he don't wear "shorts" but "caprice" (shorts which ends 10 centimeter below the knee, not above). Anyway, the guys at the door excused and explained but don't let them in.
Blondi told us she will take care of us and stepped in to talk to the owner (which was one of her buddies). It took her five minutes to do so, while waiting Mark talked to the doorkeepers and they really were neat, Mike also tried to get part of the conversation but the respond from the two guys gave me the impression that she liked to talk to Mark but they also never will become friends of Mike (but they kept politeness
because it was part of the job).
At last Blondi came back and informed us that we can come in, she stopped Mike for a second to "whisper" in his ears that the requirement is that we go to the VIP section and he (the man in the "real" shorts) had to spend at least 200 USD there. In Miami USD even can make shorts longer.
While she was explaining to him she looked over his shoulder at me, that was the first time I mentioned something strange going on. We went into the club. This is really a cool club, I've rarely seen so much beautiful women (well and girls) concentrated (better: compressed) on so rare space. (You know what, not 5 months ago I would have said: I've never seen...:-) The music is really loud and - for American terms - not that bad. The VIP section is furnitured with red couches and arm chairs in western pouf style. But in head-height they have a hammock nearly over the whole VIP room (with a huge count of pillows all over it).
During the evening (even more better: morning), 

26.06.2001 (tu), Miami Beach

This is - for sure - the first time, that I felt asleep with the notebook on my knees. Somehow I found it closed (and set to sleep mode) a few minutes ago. Now it is 9:23am I got a shower and feel ready to go (in fact I feel ready to rumble but I try to calm myself down). The only thing I really no not looking forward to right now, is to create one of this damnd f-beep tie knots. I have no issue with ties but with the knots.
OK, I continue (will meet Mark at 10am).
During the evening (even more better: morning), Mike really paid for everything. I don't know what this stuff costs, but I think he spend more than 200 USD there:-) Well, at least he went home with Blondi, may it paid out.
The night was cool at last we was all sitting around a table in the VIP area everybody drunken (even Mark). Except... well you know about the offish and rule-driven attitude of the Germans? I am a victim of this legacy of our ancestors. I never drink if I've to drive and this evening it also gave me the excellent opportunity to watch the drunken with the eye of the sober.
Well, most significant for my male readers: the ladies started a bust competition by dressing off, well only by lifting their clothes for a second, I am not sure who won, but I enjoyed the competition. Especially the fact that the three ladies (Don't know where the second blond came from, as far as I remember she started talking to Mark while her girlfriend climbed into the hammock.) was not that sure about the rules, so they continued the competition for a while, at last ending in a bum presentation (while standing on the couch). Feeling like part of the jury, I give the first price to Robin, not much, but excellent deployed, forms all over the body. And the second price for Brad, who was forced to join the competition (I have to work out more, I definitely have!).
For my readers who are interested in more subjacent impressions: All of us were sitting around the table, except Mike and Blondi, I sat with the back to the door of the VIP room, Mike and Blondi directly behind me. Mike seems to feel to have responsibility to keep the waiter access route to the table to hand him out his dollars and Blondi especially keeps her interest on him, well, obviously she did.
In fact, I have to say, if you get a touch by accident you may will not mention it, but if all the time a hand lies on your shoulder or a leg touches your leg. If somebody lean down to talk to you ("Where in Germany are you from? (Southern part) "I've been to Kiel is that near to your home town." (not really). "You guys are here for business?" (yes, we are).) and her hand is 2 centimeters away from very, very excitable parts of a male human being, not lying still but moving a little. Than even I - sensible as a convolved hedgehog - mention something. At 3:30am John, Mike and Blondi decided to go (Blondi told me without asking her) that she was the driver for these guys. While leaning down to say goodbye she put her hand at my neck, moving downwards below my shirt a little (really nice touch, really).
John told me to call him in Atlanta "I am a doctor, call me, you will? Do it!", there are only four million people in the city, I cannot call the wrong doctor. Mike reminded me that we nearly beat them in billiard, it was a quite very important topic because (looking at me with this alcohol filled eyes) he repeated it three times.
And then she was gone.
Well, I think there are three possible thesis: 1. she liked me because I am such a handsome guy, 2. she tried to figure out whether I have a lot - at least enough - of money (because dressed in a suit) so she can give up Mike instead of my company or 3. she tried to get Marks attention through me.
I go with thesis 1 and I really never will know it.


26.06.2001 (tu), Atlanta

Back "home". I got to say: this was the first customer in the food and service industry I've been in the USA, and it was also the first who haven't offered at least water or a coffee:-)


29.06.2001 (fr), Atlanta

Today we'd a company dinner at Cheqquers (the restaurant we went to on my very first day in the states). 
The companies CEO and the new COO are on a short visit (Thursday till Saturday). This time my steak was perfect, and the shrimps I ordered with it as well.
Later we went to the Goldfish to have a beer and finish the evening, as usual when I am in a private atmosphere with the companies owner, I started arguing with him. I like that (I don't know whether he likes that too or not;-), my mother usually tell me (after I report such events to her) that I never will get promoted if I didn't learn to keep my mouth shut. I never will learn it. ("Ye one, who cannot stand the truth, should keep themselves out of my way.":-)


30.06.2001 (sa), Atlanta

Talked to Annette, she plans to move to Grassau (at the Chiemsee, half an hour to Munich in Bavaria) to live together with Otto-Friedrich. I remembered her, that she told me she will never move for a guy again because this doesn't work out, now she is going to do it again. Fabulous how love can change conviction:-)
She told me also, that I never will satisfy my "biological clock" as long as I don't try to pick up someone, because "not every woman is as direct as I am". OK, here I go: I called Stacey, at least proving that I can be a brave man, but she doesn't pick up the phone. I am brave and unlucky - and unpopular, because nobody calls back:-(
Also, slowly it gets time to check out what I am planning to do in the nearer (6 months) future. Stay in the US? Returning home? Karlsruhe or Freiburg? In fact it is not time to plan what to do, it gets time to find out what I want. 
Annette will move out of her current house end of the year (she told me that she is willing to first move to my place in Karlsruhe until I return to Germany because she will not move with my cats to Grassau).
(By the way: Annette told me that Pushkin looks a bit angry at Otto, I think he has this "does Chris know about this" look. Even he came not in the bed to sleep there (as he always do) as Otto slept at her place. I think I translate it to: This is not the right guy, laying there:-) Otto, take this advice: I know about cats and I know about Pushkin, NEVER put clothes of you on any spot he is usually sleeping on, for the next few times you stay at Annette's (lets say Pushkins!) place, you will find the smell of urine a bit annoying:-)


30.06.2001 (sa), Atlanta

Sitting here and watching the phone. Hmmm, at least this proves I've not that fish cold heart. Got a hold of Stacey, she seemed really glad after I sad my name (she was geeking) and then she said something like "I am in the car, can I call you back later." so I said "Yes, no problem", didn't ask when, didn't ask anything, wasn't (and am) even sure I understand her correctly. I hate this language, I hate myself doing stuff like that when I am getting nervous. May she said "I can't call you back." (don't know whether this makes any sense). I don't know anything.
Couldn't reach Mark or Stefan, so I called Sam and suddenly got Stacey's voice box again. I hate phone number transmission, in former days you just go put down the handset and everything was fine, nowadays you need to say something because your communication partner got your number in his display (Missed Calls, details). So I had to say something on her box, you know about those stupid, senseless things you saying when you have no idea would you should say, and everything - even the truth - seems so be inadequate? 
I will not touch that phone anymore, it helped the day to make a complete idiot out of me.
F-beep! The phone rings and I felt  this stomach jump, only for a second before I realized that it was in the television.